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    Hi, where is the best place for me to start my dogs for PP work? are there basics that go towards the end result? I intend to work with a prof. trainer as they get more into the swing of it but is there a place, as in things to train them in, prior to working with a trainer?

    Hi, I'm new to training, very keen to learn, I have two Amstaff pups that are nearly 12 months old, I have decided to give them both a job to challenge them in body and mind and to show off their good nature and control, until recently they have ruled the roost and generally just been pups without a purpose, as of two weeks ago we began training with a local trainer to bring them into line, to listen when commanded and act accordingly and promptly, at the moment we're working on obedience and I hope with lots of instruction, practice and learning to take them through to family protection, I look forward to attending classes, reading others views and bonding with my pups. Thank you, for the forum and the opportunity to discuss. :-)