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    Saturday, November 13th and Sunday, November 14th will be the first time ever for an event specifically dedicated to the testing and trialing of the “Big Dogs”. The weekend will be exclusively for all bully and molosser breeds.
    This working weekend is planed to show that the big dogs can be well balanced, stable and socialized without losing their original breed temperament.

    Schedule of Events
    Saturday, November 13th
    ATTS (American Temperament Testing Society) Certification Test
    Chief Tester: Karla Spriggs
    Testers: Michell Padgett & Linda Shearin
    Pre entry only, fee 35.00 no day of test entry
    Info and pre-entry:
    CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen) Certification Test
    TDI (Therapy Dogs International) Certification Test
    Tester: Charlotte Bascom
    Maximum 20 dogs.
    Pre-entry fee: CGC or TDI 10.00 each test, CGC and TDI combined - 15.00
    Info and pre-entry:

    Lunch Break
    Irondog GDT (Guard Dog Temperament) Title Test
    Irondog IDT3 (Irondog Triathlon) Title Test
    Judge: TBA
    Entry fees:
    GDT or IDT 3 - 20.00
    GDT and IDT 3 - 30.00

    Sunday, November 14th

    Personal Protection Tournament – Novice Division
    Judge: Dewon Fields
    Entry fee - 30.00
    Personal Protection Tournament – Advanced Division
    Judge: Dewon Fields
    Entry fee - 40.00
    For info and pre-entry
    LOCATION: Tip Top Arena, 5139 Glenn Ct., Forest Hill, TX 76140 (S. Ft Worth off of I-20 and Anglin)


    A new and exciting two-day event will be held in Ft. Worth, Texas on November 13, 2010. Specifically for the bully and molosser breeds, BIGDOG WORKING WEEKEND will be co-hosted by Roy Rojas and Dewon Fields. It will be the largest and most complete event of its type ever held.

    On Saturday there will be testing and certification for AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Therapy Dog International (TDI), American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) and Irondog Guard Dog Temperament (GDT) and IDT3.

    On Sunday there will be a Schutzhund demonstration followed by a Personal Protection Trial with Novice and Advanced Divisions.
    Mark your calendar and watch for more details coming soon!
    Pre-entries for all events are highly suggested to ensure your big dog’s participation in the fun.

    For more information please contact:
    Roy Rojas, Tel: 214-235-9054, E-mail:
    Dewon Fields, Tel: 817-729-3041, E-mail:

    On Saturday March 27, 2010 following the SACCI Regional Show (around 5pm) in Columbus, Ohio, the 2010 SACCI Protection Competition will begin. Registration will start at 4pm. Pre-registration will be $25, day of event $35.

    SACCI members who are competing for Working Dog/Bitch and Regional Winners will be awarded 50 points for any dog that successfully passes. 100 points will be awarded to the Top Cane Corso.

    The Competition will be open to all Breeds! Trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 dogs and one additional Trophy awarded to the Top Cane Corso.

    The Winning Cane Corso will receive a Trophy and their photo taken and placed on the front page of the SACCI web site as the 2010 SACCI National Specialty Working Winner. (Just as the SACCI National Specialty Best of Breed Winner.) This will be a 1st for our club and a great honor for any one who receives this award.

    Another bonus is that Animal Planet will be present filming the entire weekend and just maybe your dog will be featured on one of their Shows!

    The Rules are as followed;

    All dogs must pass the Obedience and Temperament portion with 70% of the 60 points allotted for this portion to move on to Protection. Dogs must pass the Protection Portion with 70% of the 120 points allotted for this portion.

    Equipment: Six- foot leash with buckle collar, harness or choke chain with the leash connected to the dead ring. No other equipment may be on the dog. All protection exercises will be done with Bite Sleeve!


    Temperament Exercises:

    Greeting a Neutral Stranger - 10 pts. (Stranger walks up to the handler, shakes hands and exchange pleasantries) The dog will not be touched.
    Reaction to a Sudden Noise – 10 pts. (whip, gun shots, etc.)

    On Leash Obedience Exercises:

    Figure 8 – 10 pts.
    Left Turn – 5 pts.
    Fast Pace – 5 pts.
    About Turn – 5 pts.
    Slow Pace – 5 pts.
    Right Turn – 5 pts.
    Change of Position – 10 pts.
    Stay From Motion – 10 pts.
    Recall – 10 pts.
    Overall Heeling – 15 pts.


    Civil Agitation:
    Alert – 10 pts. (Handler will be told when to alert the dog. We want to see how the dog responds to the command)
    Threat - 15 pts. (Looking for the intensity of the dog and his/her ability to deter a threat without the presentation of equipment.)

    Attack on Handler:
    Heeling on leash -15 pts. (Dog should heel both on and off the field)
    Bite/Fight – 15 pts. (Looking for fullness and intensity of the bite)
    Out/Release – 10 pts. (No more then 3 commands, on leash)
    Control after the Bite/Fight -10 pts. (e.g. the dog can go into a guard, down, recall, etc. and then heeled off the field)

    Courage Test:
    Send -10 pts. (Looking for confidence, intensity, etc.)
    Bite/Fight – 15 pts. (Looking for fullness and intensity of bite)
    Out/Release – 10 pts. (No more then 3 commands, on leash)
    Control after the Bite/Fight – 10 pts. (e.g. the dog can go into a guard, down, recall, etc. and then heeled off the field)

    For more information and to pre-register contact the S.A.C.C.I. Working Director,
    Ish Moore, at


    Until recently, I worked as a licensed K-9 Security Guard in Texas. After that I worked as the security patrol agent, with my dog, of a 135 acre container and truck storage facility in a rather seedy part of Dallas.

    While my dogs had a total of seven apprehensions, none of them were followed up by arrests. The first time we apprehended and held an illegal trespasser, on my supervisor’s orders, and contacted local LE, the responding officer released the subject because in Texas, if I was detaining the trespasser he wasn’t free to leave and therefore not illegally trespassing. He actually told my supervisor that the actor could prosecute the company because the company had technically violated his civil rights. That was the last time I called the local LE and how I learned to play the game.

    The next six apprehensions were handled by confronting the trespassers, after my dog had “secured” them, on the top of a shipping container, on top of a truck cab, even once atop an eight foot fence, and extracting a promise that, if I would all off the dog and escort them off the property, they would never return. That procedure worked great, we never had a re-offender and even better, after the first month and those six fellows spread the word around the ‘hood, my patrols got real boring. By the way, my working K-9 partner is a 140lb Cane Corso that will strike fear in the heart of anybody, especially those up to no good at 3:00am on a dark night. You might have seen his picture on a stop sign in the photo gallery. We posted those at the gate and around the property.

    The various states have very differing laws about security dog use so you should probably check with the Florida Department of Public Safety for the requirements there.

    From personal experience though, I can tell you, to really have some interesting and learning experiences, move to a third world country and work for a private security entity there. I worked for a few years in a Central American country and I’ll just say they’re not nearly as PC as in the US and there is no worry about lawsuits from criminals.

    I've got two Cane Corsi and I'm very happy with them both. The oldest, Felipe - 4yrs and 140lbs, works with me in K9 security and has saved my bacon several times. The youngest, Vulcan, at 13mos and 110lbs, has started PP work, in prey only, and is working on his AKC Rally OB titles. Check out their pics in the photo gallery.

    Hello all,

    I’m Ron Ackerman from the Dallas area. I have two male Cane Corsi, Felipe, 4yrs old and Vulcan, 13mos old.

    I am a trainer and competitor in several venues including, but not limited to, obedience and Personal Protection. I also work part-time as a K-9 Security guard.

    I enjoy this Forum and hope to learn from it and maybe even have a little something to add every once in a while.