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    The main reason I keep this forum going is to network with experienced dog people / find people in my area who can work my dog/s, and provide others with the same opportunity. Dog training is not my livelihood and I couldn't care less about your trainer's standing in the "dog business". I will take an occasional customer for protection training if I feel they're competent and for as long as I enjoy the working relationship. I like working with good dogs and running around doing decoy work is good to stay in shape. If training dogs for a living was important to me I'd finish the website. With no disrespect meant for guys like Mick who's a professional trainer, and comes across as one of the most ethical guys in the dog business I've communicated with; professional dog training in North America draws some of the worst charlatans of any profession. They prey on people just like you Doug, they know they have you by the short and curlys because through their practice they learned that people are suckers for their dogs, see what they want to see and told to see rather than use common sense. You want a supportive community but this community is not going to support BS, there's enough of it in the dog world already. For newbs like you it's a privilege to be allowed to participate in this forum as you bring nothing to the table. When you start questioning people with experience who are trying to set you straight for no other reason than helping out a fellow dog owner, you lose that privilege.

    I put the link to the video back in my first post.


    Can you make career as a patrol dog handler? Not this secuirty bullshit they have in north America.. Am talking about getting live bites every days and not have to worry about the person taking you to court and all that shit!

    What age do you start your dogs on muzzle Fighting? And how do you go about doing it, am sure every one have there own way of doing it so I'll love to hear some opinions, Cheers

    lol i saw this on a different forum and the person asking this was serious about that made it even funnier :D


    The question arises then for you guys who've seen some hard dogs; imagine yourself angry and aggressive, really wanting to prove a point maybe for money or for pride, have you known dogs that you wouldn't face with a sleeve and a whip?

    I have seen way harder dogs then this CO, I have a male apbt here who doesn't like equipment at all and the harder you fight him the more he wants to fight, It would be interesting to see him fight one of those decoys with sleeve and a whip:D

    Thanks for that post mate couldn't have said it any better myself.

    How do you find this stuff bully :thumbsup1:

    I liked that CC, if he's a green dog. And I agree with what the red guy said. First push the dog to see if it will take the pressure, if he does then build him. This goes for a dog I'd select for myself, not how I'd evaluate or start a client's dog that they're going to keep it no matter what. When I did that selecting my dog he didn't flinch and went right for the bite, he was about 3 years old though. I wonder what some of you would think of the Koehler test for a prospective PD.

    Thanks mate, The decoy in the video is a friend of mine and sent this video to me. I like what he did with the dog in the video but it's obvious this corso wasn't hard either.

    This dogs are very bad example of there species, Even a half decent green dog can do much better then that, That said i would certainly like to see one of my dogs in this situation even tho i know what the out come would be.

    I think lots of people in this forum underestimate serious molossers, I have martial art background myself.. krav maga for 2 years also got brown belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu and i can tell you that its really hard to fight serious protection dogs even when using weapons. There's a story of rotte who killed two escaped prisoners who came to his owners backyard both of this man where armed with machine guns, The dog took 6 bullets and later died. Also there's story dogo in Argentina who saved his owner from carjack he took 7 bullets from .45 he also manage to kill one of the guys, I will post the full story's later.