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    No Dan, that is not the problem.The issue is feeding a dog a raw diet and then the bacteria in the dog's saliva and stool becomes a threat. I was just curious if anyone else was feeding raw and had personal immune system problems.

    We took my wife's EM to the vet today for bad skin allergies. The vet suggested that a raw diet was the way to go.During the course of our discussion my wife mentioned she has lups and the vet changed his opinion regarding a raw diet. The reason is her severely compromised immune system and the salmonella/bacteria potential contamination from the dogs mouth.

    My question is : Is anyone feeding a raw diet in a household where someone has auto immune issues? Does anyone know of someone in this situation?

    I am a believer in the raw feeing but do not want to endanger my wife. I was planning on feeding raw to my next pup next year when I get him/her but now that is in question also.

    Any input will be appreciated.

    Well I was originally leaning towards getting a dog from the molsser family, but after being home for several weeks and listening to my wife's EM SNORE so FREAKING loud I am starting to think a Dobe would be pretty nice!

    I was looking at their wbste. It does look interesting and worth some time. I like venues other than Schutzhund.

    One of the many reasons I enjoy this forum is reading all the different opinions and ideas. One of the last things I would want in "my ideal" ppd is animal aggression.
    With all the various animals we have on the property and taking our dog hiking,I would prefer a don't bother me and I won't bother you attitude, or better still, a tolerance of all our other fourlegged friends.
    I feel Reggie O has it dead on when he states the handler has to be on top of things too. This could apply to any dog trained for bitework but especially true for one that is dog/animal aggressive.

    I never have and never will train a dog to look at me like a baby bird waitng for me to regurgitate food. I understand it is needed for competition but I hate it. I prefer what Butch described above. I never had the name for it, but like calling it "checking in". I prefer my dog to be aware of our surroundings. It may not be as pretty as the focused attention but IMHO, it is more practical.

    I have observede a few PSD trainers utilize this. I was informed the reason was the dog knows he just kicked this guys butt and with one command do it again, but he has no need to hold a grudge. So when the switch is turned off he should no longer be wanting to kick the quarry's butt again.

    Hope that makes a little sense.

    I agree. All PSDs I either trained or worked practiced turning on and off with the decoy/s. I believe it is important for a dog that is going to be worked in public be able to turn off the agression and not be a liability to the handler. Now, maybe things are different in the PPD world and to each his own, but I would continue to train for this.

    I am a certified Iron Dog decoy and have a IDT3 on my dog. It is an fun sport with great ppl in it. Its not incredible difficult but a ton of fun with some nice dogs.

    This is good to hear, Cincy isn't too far away from home. Is there a good turnout for the events and a good mixture of breeds?

    I'm thinking the ideal PPD would have steady nerve, not dog agressive, confident, agile, a "don't mess with me" appearance, good with kids, cleans up his own waste, brushes himself, pays for his own vet bills,stares at the in-laws, when out for a walk automatically urinates on any parked car that has "spinners", barks agressively when he hears any rap music........ I'm still looking

    Welcom Kate. My wife has a little Frenchie. Funn,y funny dogs! Just looking at her cracks me up.
    In my mind, working dogs is about getting the most out of your relationship with your canine friend/partner and having a great time while doing.As an added bonus you also get to meet some great people too.

    Good luck

    I've talked to quite a few people from a few countries in Africa and there deson't seem to be "any" liability except maybe retribution from the relatives of the people your dog munched on for whatever transgression.
    Over here in Afghanistan, the locals laugh when I ask what happens to a thief caught stealing. Not very well trained dogs but serious dogs none the less. In the more rural areas, if the dog doesn't work(herrding, protection), it doesn't live, no pets from what I have seen so far.
    Still, kind of like the idea of Texas also!

    I have to admit Dan, your Rotti looks mighty fine. People keep mentioning great breeds. Hey if I was good at quick decisons I wouldn'tt have gotten into LE. lol.
    I agree with what you wrote regardig the CC and Presa, The first thing is figure out exactly what I want to train for. My son got an AB last year when he got of the marines, so I need something to compete against him with in IronDog and talking trash!!

    A good neo... now that is interesting.....

    1. american bulldog,( old southern white style)
    2. S A. Boerboel
    3.Cane Corso
    4. Presa
    5. Dobe
    The first four because I want to try something different, and a dobe, well because they look so damn good.
    I am sure I can't acomplish as much with them as with a GSD or mal, but the fun is in trying.