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    i worked my first dog and that turned out very well but i'm reluctant to do so with my other male because he is very different in his drives( more and higher)
    and i'm not experienced enough to guide a dog like that.
    i think some dogs you can do yourself and some you should not mess with without a good trainer.
    thats how i feel about this.;)

    i think it would bring confusion to the dog....

    i tried that a couple times but they don't care for a little pain by stepping on their toes..
    when i was biking with my young male a couple weeks ago he saw a couple sheep on the otherside off the road and bike and he ran in front off my bike and i rode over his back paw into his left shoulder and he looked up like he wanted to say whatcha doing boss but didn't care for
    It took his eye away from the sheep though...:D


    SO is the VIDEO rite or has the rules changed?:confused1:

    the rules have changed..i'm a helper for IPO and its only the sleeve... we use stickhits from the beginning and with the transport we don't stop before the attack because it has to be a surprise attack...

    i use dogtalk now and then, when one of our females is keep comming with a toy i go on my knees and pretend to take the toy in my mouth and when she want to grab it i growl hard at her and then she backs of and i sit down with the toy and playtime is over...i only do this to one female we have of which i have only tried this ... i don't know if it works with all dogs.
    but it's funny to see her look when i do this.:D

    a couple years back we had a golden trying IPO but he couldn't stand the pressure of a decoy so he quit but he would bite and hold a tugtoy...
    at another club i know there is a lab that does have IPO 1...:cool2:

    my experiences are solely based on Am bulldogs so far bcause the majority dogs on our club are Ab's.
    but the dogs on our club push and fight hard that sometimes its hard to to keep upright they want to bring you down to the ground after a couple dogs you get tired and eventualy you go down...but its all part of the game...;)

    It took me a long time to realize this, my dog (the rott) is very pushy. He's the kind of dog that will nudge you with the muzzle real hard, under the arm, to make you do something/get your attention. I've never had a dog that I can remember, who pushed me like that. I could go on and on giving examples of the behavior. But it's characterized by stacking in front of me, ears up and staring hard, tail up and wagging. I'll just give one extreme example lest you think my dog is always lacking something that he needs. A little while back he did it around the time I go to bed, he sleeps in my room near the bed. I couldn't figure out what he wanted because I've just taken him out and fed him (of course he does this around the time he should be being fed too). Then it occurred to me that he wants me to go to bed. So I tested it and went to bed without saying anything to the dog, and the relaxed and went to his spot to sleep.

    I'm curious to know if anyone's seen such a personality in a dog? and what kind of work if any is this most suitable for. For me it's a PITA but the dog has other good qualities.

    one off my males does excactly what you discribe...after a long walk or bike ride or training he keeps on doing that i can not get it out...but thats ok to me cause i like my dogs to be

    my young male ambull is a runner 2 but i am working on that by giving him treats evey time he's close and looking at me.
    and now and then during the walk or training he gets the the tug...
    it works wondrs with him so i will be continuing and gradualy decreasing the treats..

    How appropriate is it to teach a PP or sport dog hand signals? how would it be useful or not useful? are hand signals used in schutz trials? (I'm a complete newbie) and same question on body language? or is it all supposed to be verbal. would you suggest not teaching hand signals as they do in obed?

    in sch trials handsignals are not allowed you have to do everything by voicecommand.
    in IPO you may not use bodylanguage least not in Holland for all i know..;)
    so i think if you want to do sch trials i would recomend not to teach hansignals.
    In PP i don't know...;)

    Manolo, what percentage of AB have an underbite?

    Standard: Reverse scissors is preferred.

    A scissor bite or moderate underbite, up to 1/4 inch is acceptable.

    Even bite is not preferred.

    Bully: Undershot up to 1/4 inch is preferred.

    1/8 to 1/2 Undershot is acceptable.

    Even bite is a major fault.

    Scissor bite is a disqualification.

    I copied this from a showorganisationsite called ABNA... ;)

    some of the performance scott johnson mixes here seem to tolerate heat ok

    your right..there are bullies and standard american bulldogs...the standards can take a whole lot more then a bully...i got both..;)
    This boy is my standard and he can do everything you ask him and will go on untill he drops...and that takes a long time....believe me...but it's a mather of how you condition your dog too...a couch potatoe standard can't do a thing...;)

    My standard American Bulldog.