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    The biggest problem within the breed as of the last few years is that no one can agree on a typical temperament and therefore everyone who has a couple of grand can make their own decisions on what a correctly tempered boerboel should be!

    I am sure that this is not an issue solely with the Boerboels, however.. what MANY people are assuming as a correct guard dog is the simple fact of they can bark and are imposing.. we know differently!
    There are quite the numbers of dogs out there within the boerboel community right now in which their owners are breeding softer to softer and trying to get a therapy dog or something of the sort... long gone for the most part are the days of the well rounded working boerboel... they are out there but far and few between...

    When looking at the boerboel to determine what influences their drives... bone structure is a huge factor.. the more mastiffy boerboels have incredible bone structure and decent athletism for the most part... large thick pads and feet... thicker lips, etc etc etc... here is a picture of some of the dogs that used to be within our kennel

    At the right hand side of the picture the first dog, red male ( 4 years old )and the third dog, fawn male with white socks ( 6 months old )are good examples of a mastiffy boerboel. The red male went on to live with a great family as his temperament was very soft and skiddish around certain men.. the young fawn male with white socks stayed here and produced some great examples of well rounded boerboels. So from left to right I will go over what is what... dark female is hound, red male is a mix of the two, apricot fawn female is a hound, fawn male is mastiff, red fawn female is a hound, red male is mastiff... the only dogs out of these boerboels that went on to reproduce are the fawn female ( smallest in the group) third from the left, fawn female standing beside her and the fawn mastiff male. Everyone else has left in many ways....
    I have continued to read through your posts and again.. I am discouraged, even after all this time that there are breeders out there who are portraying themselves as a working breeder when they are obviously not..
    If I were to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that sometimes genetics just don't work together properly.. then okay.. but this is not the case in all situations.
    Boerboels are just like any other dog out there within the guardian breed world... they need training and testing...
    The female in your pictures resembles a houndier female with a mastiff influence in her.. maybe not the correct balances for drives and working abilities.. the male in your pics absolutely is much more mastiff influence..
    I don't know that I personally would have been looking for another home so quickly for him ( but that is me ).... he is a guard dog through and through... or potentially that is... and in the wrong home from the sounds of it.
    The dogs/puppies that I produce out of tested parents, are sound of mind.. they will absolutely give you 100% when it comes to loyality, training, willingness to protect and capable of being around a family situation without issues... however.. having said that... they are also not for the average handler either. My guys will give you about 10 minutes of saying hello and then they do not NEED your companionship or approval as you are not their "people"... they will and HAVE step up to the plate in different scenarios both real and set up when there is a need. In comparison to a herding breed... that is like comparing apples to oranges.. .you can't!

    Hello again,

    I myself am located in Northern Ontario just north of Huntsville below Burk's Falls.
    Our CAVB group members are spread out all over Ontario from the very bottom to further north of us.
    Are you located in Ontario also? or know of some one who is by any chance?

    Hi Dan,

    I realize that your post is one from a while back, however I hope you don't mind me stepping in and sharing some of my information regarding the Boerboel as a protection dog in my limited ability. Please forgive me if I am using incorrect lingo... still learning all that I can :)
    With all the Boerboels that we have brought into my home life, some of them have showed far too much of a " mastiffiy " influence to be of any good as a working dog. However within this breed there are two distinct types of dogs i.e. the mastiff vs. the hound and each one was originally bred to complete a different job.
    My personal preference is the houndier of the two... they are athletic, drivey, still substantially built, easy and eager to train once you have found their drives.. further endurance, and better bidability.
    With regards to the mastiff of the two... for the majority of those dogs.. I would consider them to be " plugs "... I have only met, worked with, lived with one that was not a lazy plug. I do always have to keep reminding myself that of the two styles of the breed, the boerboel that carries the mastiff influence was originally created to be imposing in appearances and SHOULD carry the willingness to protect but that is about it. Where as the hound of the two will do the work that is needed within the farm life situation ( herding in short bursts, hunting in packs, personal protection at your side, pulling heavier weighted objects, and protection of the livestock and family )
    What would you say that your boel resembled more? i.e. hound or mastiff...



    Let me first say a big hello to everyone here! My name is Marcella and I and a few other people have formed a boerboel club within Ontario Canada and are seeking out the following; I am hoping to find some experienced trainers/helpers in the Ontario area that would be willing to come out on an informal basis to work a bunch of Boerboels once a month ( until members grow) of different ages and stages...
    Anyone have any ideas? I would love to hear them.
    Right now we have an association that provides venues for people who want to show, trial, and compete by hosting numerous events throughout the year for boerboel owners.. and are now wanting to expand our group to be able to provide more of a working venue on an informal basis.....
    Does anyone know of anybody within Ontario that has experience working with mastiffs or bullies?


    Hello There,

    My name is Marcella and I have been working, training, living with a bunch of South African Boerboels in Ontario now for almost 7 years. :D
    Our personal dogs live up here with us in Algonquin with my family of 4. We breed occasionally ( and I truly mean occasionally ) with only proven stock.

    In the last 2 years a few of us have started a boerboel club called the Canadian Association of the Versatile Boerboel ( CAVB ). What our dog club offers up until now are oppurtunities to trial, show, compete etc.... However we are looking at expanding the club in order to provide our members a venue so that on a monthly basis we have a group with trainers and helpers/decoys to work our dogs on an informal basis...

    This is me... my introduction... and I am looking forward to learning lots here!:thumbsup2:

    Marcella Burgess
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