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    Are there any Nashville,TN pp folks that will like to get together and do some training. I have a very nice 11 month old malinios that i am training and it is time to change to 3rd gear on him and start putting him on man. If anyone want to get together leave me a message.

    jim Leon i am not even going there with you Bro. You dont even understand or know what has happen here in Nashville for you 2 come at me like that. Everybody has have an unfortunate incident in there life, I take care of my dogs and have never had a dog die on me in all my 41 years. It has rain down here in nashville so bad that it is unreal. I have lost everything in my house because of the flood, and the bad thing about it we have been trying to get flood insurance but the wouldnt give itt 2 us so know i have to come out of pocket for everything. but any way i appreciate you on the help my friend on trying to find me another dog. if you need my help for anything just let me know.

    Yes i am unfortunate to have this happen. I was out of town and tried to get my partner to go get my dogs he got them out of the kennel and put them closer to the house, but he didnt move them far enough. and it still raining and we cant get back to my house. my house is under water.

    I am very sad today i pretty much just lost alot in the flood in nashville. Especially my dogs that i have been working on getting them right. But now i am going to have to start back from scartch. If anyone can help me get back started on a descent malinios i would appreciate it.

    I dont have much training but training my own dogs basic obedience. I am trying to take my dog training to another level and wanted to join this forum so i can get some help. Dog has always been my passion. I have a pitbull that i am training now but i am in the market for a malinios. I had a Malinios that i sent off for training a year and a half ago while he was down there i had a motorcycle accident and i was down for a year i didnt have anyone to go down there toget him so i lost my dog. So i am glad to have join this forum and hope i can help someone if i can in anyway i can.