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    thanks everyone i actually found some local schutzhnd clubs that im going to check out. talked to the people in the clubs and they seem to be very knowledgable and accomidating. thank you and i look forward to talking to u all some more

    Best to you!

    Anyone intersted in PPD training and coming up to the Maryland or Delaware areas...please give us a holler! Always enjoy new folks stopping by and relaying experiences with us!

    We aren't a sport group, but I'm sure we can work your dog and your stay in this neck of the woods will be enjoyable!

    Herding is a refined prey drive. Not all dogs can do it and some would rather case the livestock and not gather them. Here is the difference, the desire to gather and then hold. The drive can be so strong that some handlers can't control their dog! This is one reason I sold my sheep a few months ago, the cost verses the rewards.

    It costs money to raise and keep sheep. When some handlers can't even control their dogs and in the drives the dog is showcasing, it takes the fun out of herding lessons and seeing K-9 growth. Drive capping could be one control technique that some could use to help wth their wild critters!

    Individual dogs deal with heat and cold differently. Lighter color and thin coated dogs should be looked at for the pick. One of the reasons the smooth coat Border Collie is used rather than the rough coated ones in places like Texas.

    Both Border Collies! They cost me $1,000 last weekend. One with an allergy infection and the other with a face bite/cut which I'm still not sure about. The ER vets even have the nerve to charge a "crate fee" of $35.00!

    Too often handlers want to blame the dog for poor bite efforts. Instead, look into the way you train and how your dog is rewarded. Poor bites are almost always a training issue! Blame the handler, then the decoy, then the club, and leave the dog alone!!!!!!!!!!!

    Without fail...KNPV. The Dutch may not always do it right, but they do it BETTER. Schutzhund has been the biggest K-9 sport joke of its time. When weak as water dogs have Sch III titles and can't work in anything other than prey...go figure!

    LIABILITY! City, Town, and State have the best lawyers who can work in their behalf on dog bite/civilian issues. Joe Six Pack may never even be able to put down the retainer fees.

    PPDs should in most cases never be sent to bite in a 100' scenario, cop dogs are always sent after fleeing folks.

    You call 911. They are 911.......simple!

    IMO doing any type of bite work is not good. Prey, defense, fight drive, whatever should ONLY be done with a decoy. You are asking your dog to challenge YOUR pack role by doing it. Puppy rag stuff is 100% different.

    Now, what happens when the dog gets stressed or doesn't want to comply with YOUR acts out in a BITE. This is now a trained behavior!

    With the state of our economy, I opted NOT to breed by Bouviers. In the Delaware area, I'm finding folks just don't have the extra money for high ticket things, like dogs. Are others seeing the same thing with their breeding programs?

    My male Bouv likes a little head! Seems that one of our early decoys couldn't keep on his feet as the dog took him to the ground. Rock then went for the top of the head and did some minor damage and give long term memories.

    I wish it never happened, but it is part of the hazards we the decoys face each training day. The first year of the DELMARVA WORKING DOG GROUP, I almost had my left ear removed by my cotrainers Rottweiler. NEVER said a word, just BIG eyes and the unspoken words, " Brother, that was too freaking close!!!"

    How often do you track for the bite? Using area searching for the tracking mode, bite suit or sleeve at the end. We did this about three weeks ago and included environmental training.

    My male Bouvier was given a hat with scent and approximately 1500' run along the cut over woods. A 90 degree left turn and 35 yards into the heavy woods was the hidding decoy. Interesting how he worked and on something we don't do much on.

    Rock looked back one time as I stood still to let him problem solve. Catching the wind/scent, he bolded into the cover and took to the decoy. While the ticks are still sleeping, I want to try this again using mixed cover and road surfaces.