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    Junior Handler Obedience & Best Trick

    Defense Level (Novice) realistic protection w/obedience

    Decoy “Run for your life!” Competition
    Secure Level (Advanced) realistic protection w/obedience

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    My name is Rusty Harrison. have a 5 month old old family red nose american pit bull terrier.
    i love the breed always have this is my second apbt. my first dog was actually shot and killed by my neighbor over our fence. I have never been involved in protection training before but due to this experiance I never want to have to worry about my dogs that i love so much or my family i want to learn to participate in all the events i can. I know that there is a lot i don't know or couldn't even begin to imagine the dedication it will take to create a loving strong companion to protect me and my family, so all the help, instruction, and advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks

    i have been doing decoy work for about 5 months and learning so much especially about
    temperments of different breeds of dogs i personally have a heeler mix which is learning
    protection and doing well but we usaually work with filas,cane corsos,pitbull,doberman,and
    german shepards if i can help you with anything let me know i dont know everything but i
    do know some things especially with basic obediance my name is clint morton and im from

    ive been working with a mal in bitework and he bites quick and hard but his focus is on the sleeve and has excellent obediance he doesnt attack without his owners command but i still think its all about how the dog is trained but this is coming from
    someone with only 4months of training just thought i would tell my experiance

    hi im new to the forum i have a 10 month old ridgeback mix and am currently involved
    with a dog club which does obediance and protection training in waxahachie tx. I am currently learning decoy work at a level one but am learning full time job
    is the owner of mortons collision locally with over 20 yrs of experiance. i like this forum
    because there is alot of info on here that will help me increase my knowledge of dogs:):)