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    If you think Pumas (cougars) doesn´t mess anymore with people in a civilized world, read this local news, the culprit was a huge marauding cougar, the victim my uncle " El güero (blondie) Terrazas in Loreto. The cougar got into his farm and killed 10 lambs an the two guard dogs that faced him. Should the guards had been trained dogos, the story would have been quite different.

    Mata puma a borregos en un corral

    In the last two vids are the so called "pruebas de campo " with male wild boars (called padrillos) and a single dogo " El dogo no muerde con la boca, muerde con los güevos"

    "The dogo doesn´t bite wit his jaws, bite with his balls" (Excerpt from the vid) Lol

    There are countless of verified stories, in which a single dogo had killed a cougar. Dogos are trained to adopt a wrestling stance against the big cat in which they cross the guard of the cat as in the wrestling 200 pounds position, and reaching for the throat. Thus avoiding being ripped by the big cat´s paws. They are trained to do that. The bite of the dogo is insane, and they fight to the death.

    Here some more "field tests" Although regarded as "barbaric" those were placed within a cultural context in which doing that was as controversial as is for us to wash our hands beore eating.

    Second toughts. Due to the graphic content of the videos, i will not post them here. But if you are still interested in watching a real (and brutal) Field test. Feel free to shoot me a p.m.

    Pertaining to dog endurance tests by standards, the dogo argentino breed is subject to the so called "Pruebas de campo" or "field tests" . Even though those are not as scientific/technical as the ones proposed by Brody Thorne. Are specifically designed to "test" both te gameness and endurance of a particular dog. Dogos which are not subject to those and /or have not being tested in real situations are not subject for breeding purposes.

    Next picture shows a couple of dogos of an acquaintance of mine after chasing a 260 pound boar all day and battled him for an hour in relentless fight against angry tusks and knock out blows.

    Does it develops a stronger confidence in the dog by close human contact? What I mean is, maybe a dog finds disturbing to be touched when biting. In that way the dog maybe develops a more confident stance when biting. Is a game for the dog obviously, but he is engaging in a "close quarters battle " situation.

    Very nice. I guess as described by him a nice "threat" dog could be turned into a real "attack" dog in no time and with a very little effort.

    He is very analytical in his approach and is almost scientific in his operational definitions of things. Great book. I spent like three hours reading it. Tomorrow I will finish it.

    Thanks for the book.

    Those dogs are very aggresive, almost all of them working in " defensive" mode with the exception of the white bob tailed dog. They all wanted to inflict serious pain to the decoy. Many times " commiting to the bite" equals dogs just playing and enjoying biting. I think these dogs are good guard dogs and a very disuasive deterrent to strangers. I don´t know if they would make a good attack dog tho.

    Awful music by the way :D

    It sounds logic to me. I give my dog raw food, chicken wings, feet with claws and everything, necks and hares and rabbits, he eats even the guts. Hes doing pretty well, is lean and muscular, and the feces are very few, solid and odorless. He doesn´t drink much water.

    This one is a poem by one of the founders of the Dogo Argentino breed. The dogo is a fierce dog that is capable of great feats. I´ll do my best to translate this poem directly from its original version:

    He comes to my to lick my hand
    and then slowly rest at my feet
    my smart dog wants to get asleep
    My old gladiator and cordilleran

    He has felt asleep dreaming on far hunting grounds
    cause his brave
    he longs for a duel of fangs and talons
    in the swamp, the woods or the deep muds.

    Old dogo rest in peace, cause is time now
    my gratittude rewards you
    and on the neat coat of your skin
    the wild hogs etched corals and rubies
    with an ivory dagger

    and with a trident of carey the cougars

    "Acercase lamiendome la mano
    y se tiende a mis pies pausadamente,
    tiene sueño mi perro inteligente,
    mi viejo gladiador cordillerano.

    Se ha dormido soñanado en eun lejano
    paisaje cetreril
    porque es valiente
    y sueña en un combate a garra y dientes
    en el mallin el bosque o el pantano
    viejo dogo
    descansa que ya es hora,
    mientras mi gratitud me condecora,
    y en el armiño de tu piel sin brumas,
    graváronte corañles y rubíes,
    con daga de marfial los jabalíes
    y contridente de carey
    los pumas.

    Alejandro Nores Martinez

    I love dog poems, I remember a couple. Recently I stumbled upon the chiasmus in my signature, that is attributed to Bat Mastersons himself. A Chyasmus if you don´t remember from your high school days is a figure of speech in which the second half or the sentence is balanced against the first.

    "Every dog we are told has his day, unless there are more dogs than days"