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    At the house is familiar territory to the dog so he is more confident, and relies less on instinct. His nerves dont play as big of an issue at the house because he is confident in familiar territory. Try when you walk him in strange places to get him to just focuss on you, run through obed. with him away from the house, when he starts to hide or cower do not let him simply move, make the dog follow you. Hope this helps I can be a little more detailed later but saw your post and wanted to chime in before going to xmas dinner

    You are both correct in that you want as many levels as possible as to not over correct, I used to use dogtra and one other and I have found that alot of the "147" levels are just fluff, now that is my opinion and I know you both have yours, I chose the sportdog brand because of 2 things. 1 being cost. I cannot afford to spend 300+ on a collar and most of my clients cant either. 2, The warranty, the one I am using now has a lifetime on it, Sit means Sit like them or not has had alot to do with the development of the brand and the warranty is pretty much even if your pet elephant sits on it we'll replace it. yes that is what they say when they pitch the collar. Ok so 3 reasons maybe more lol but mainly because it is not just 16 levels as you read, each level has a low, normal, and High, if you set your remote up to that style, they have the nick and continuous settings as well. Those are the reasons I chose the brand, maybe right maybe doesn't agree with your opionion but I think that the most important thing is knowing how to use the tool correctly as I am sure you both will agree.

    I want to first say i am not a doggie doc but I am an avid e collar user and trainer, and can tell you with 100% certainty that not one of my dogs or any of the dogs I have ever worked an ecollar on have developed cancer. I have found in my experiences that some people do not understand the ecollar and its uses, and therefore deem it cruel, and say things that they have to clue about to "make" their point. I will continue to use them and train with them and urge anyone that knows the proper way to do so to continue doing so. I was trying to think of a quirky comparison but unfortunatly with a fractured patella the pain meds have dulled that part of my brain as well.

    Watch that video again, I think the whole thing was triggered by the reporter. If you watch right before the dog kisses him.. sorry I am in a wierd humor mode... The reporter has his left hand on the dogs lower farside of his neck, at the same time he is either patting or pushing on the back of the dogs head and leaning in to stand at the same time. I have seen more than one person get bitten this way. Yes the handler should have been more aware of the dog however some education on how to approach a dog would have done the reporter well too. About the real bites, when I first started training/behavior modification I had a guy with a Rott that was dog aggressive to the max. We had the situation resolved and I was walking Max one last time to proof my work. We walked past a house that had a dog in a fence barking crazily. Max started to snarl and move toward the fence, I set a correction on him and he redirected to my thigh, did not break skin but was enough for me to know/learn to slow things down a bit and not try to be cesar milan without the time

    Keep your head up Greg not everyone reacts to a natural disaster that way. I received your info and will be in touch with you. Let me know when you get settled, I think i found just what your looking for.

    I love the pic of the bucking bronco lol i mean the big dog getting ridden. LOL that is great Lee I used to ride a Great Dane when I was about that age!:thumbsup2:

    Wow alot of anger brewing over people giving their opinions on this one. and tht is exactly what they are opinions. None of us were there for this at least i hope not. Dan I see your side of this Vincent I see yours as well. The only thing I am going to say is that the dogs should not have been put through that. It is very clear after the first 10 seconds or so of the vid they were not going to make it. Reggie I checked my yard and figured out I need to clean up poop in the morning. Have a good Friday night


    Do you find in the protection dog arena, a willingness to teach outsiders. Or is it tight knit and closed off to outsiders. I have noticed in my short time that show breeders have no interest in teaching you anything, and are defensive if not offended by questions.

    I have seen it both ways honestly. If you can develop a relationship with a trainer or decoy you might find a little bit of easier time. I have also seen that people recognize the passion for the work and are willing to help. That being said, I can also tell you there are alot of Jack Legs out there who will stonewall you and give you bad info just to make themselves look better. I would tell you what area they are in but that would probably be considered flaming and i dont want to single out a small grp of people here. I hope that helps a bit.


    The best advice i can give you about learning is to find someone who is a trainer or decay and just watch and ask questions lots of questions. Attend as many seminars or shows as you can and again watch and ask questions. Hope that helps you out. Once you learn the basics and technique its all down hill from there lol Good luck friend

    Hi Eric,

    Welcome to our little corner of the world. Do you have any experience in protection training?

    OK so these guys found a few of the weakest nerved dogs in russia and tried to look important. My guess was the went to the cracker jack school of protection and were trying to show off their flashy skills. In the words of one of my favorite people Red Foreman Dumb Asses!@