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    Well I will say this. Last year at the Police Dog trial a Mali bit the judge instead of the decoy the next day the same dog bit a TV Newsman covering the event instead of the decoy. this is a working K9 . They are too prey driven for me at the least the ones I have seen here in the US.

    I train with AM Bulldogs and they cannot breath as good as our" Herders". It gets hot here is AZ and the Bulldogs are good for just a couple of bites and they are spent. Same with the banddogs we train with. Our Czech shepherds do much better is the heat.In the Czech republic from what I understand it can get quite hot 105 and very very cold. Now the APBT we train with do very well in the heat compared to the AM Bulldogs. But I have to say the most animated and best biter in our group is a AM Bulldog. Here is a slideshow of Fatty working

    My dogs that i work in defense get so mad/frustrated after the muzzle work that i think they would have no problem with a live bite. This was close and our guys always take a chance of a serious live bite to make our training as real as possible.

    No name to our group. We just pretty much get together and work dogs all day long on Sats. Bill the big redheaded guy justs always has something planned. We will work carjacks, defense, prey, work pups and work in inside with searches and bites as well. Some dogs work better in defense and some in prey. We do civil agitation without any equipment then do muzzle work. The guys take bites in the suit and hidden sleeve,

    I can sure post some more. I will take some pictures of the little guys tomorrow they are just little guys born today. Itar the litter sire is a bicolor. The dam Dixi is solid black.What makes a bicolor different than a black and tan is that they do not have any tan on their bellies. I really feel that this will be a great litter. Itar is 105 lbs and is not oversized he is right at 26''. He is just a big happy dog that bites hard and will bite harder when you stick him lots of fight. Nothing bothers him. Dixi has that great on and off switch she is great with kids and welcomed guests but will go civil in a instant if it is needed. I am posted some pics of my training group and more of our dogs. I am the only one with GSDs/

    I think all of my dogs would be different. Some I work in defense and some I work in prey. My prey dogs will bark on command but i really do not know what they would do in a real deal as i have never worked them without a guy with a sleeve or a guy in a training suit.I would want my defense dog (Dixi ) in this scenario. She would watch and if the person threated me or had a weapon she would go for the weapon arm or hand as we train this. I could also give her the alert command to drive the person off.

    I actually wait until people ask for puppies before we breed. We have 2 reservations on our upcoming litter and actually had these before we bred the litter. I have LEOs looking to buy their own dogs and many wanting PPDs or family protection dogs. i will always take ours back no questions asked and do take in unwanted dogs from time to time.

    I agree on the handler soft dogs. All my Cz bitches are that way besides Uma as she is more of a prey dog. My Cz male is not handler soft or hard he is perfect. I do not want a agressive dog but a dog that is balanced in prey and defense or higher in defense for a PPD. I have seen a dog with little prey drive be started in defense then have prey kick in when the bad guy flees.

    I have had German , Dutch, Belgian GSD's and now Czech. My Czech dogs that work in prey drive can kick back or quickly kick into prey drive unlike the other dogs mentioned they were always on some too much for the house. Same in defense my Czech dogs I work in defense can be alerted ,agitated and then calm right down when the threat is gone. I mean they quickly change and for real in defense.I had a Belgian bred GSD that was just always on in defense I put him away when guests came over. If a person waved their arms or were animated he would fire up.

    Thank you for the welcome!. We are more working enthusiast but we do breed when people want working dogs. I think the Czech dogs are different in that most can turn it on and off. Czech Gsd's bond tightly with their family/handler making good PPDs.

    Just wanted to say hi and intoduce myself I am from Phoenix and have Czech bred GSD's . I really enjoy working our dogs every Sat. and am very happy to have a forum dealing with PPD.