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    I know that this is an old thread but thought I would chime in since e-collars are gettong more and more popular with different kinds of trainers. It can be a great training tool and have I used it to train gundogs and it works wonders, but, if you dont know how to use it properly you can do alot of damage to the dog and set back training. I would recommend not using one unless you are familiar in the proper usage. A dog can also get "collar wise" which is basically them knowing when it is on and when it is off, and they wont listen when it is off.

    So my pup did a couple things yesterday and today that made me think. A new neighbor moved in a few months ago with a blue pit bull. He has met this pit before as they walked around the block, the pit has shown aggression towards my pup while on the other side of my fence and my pup still being a pup would stick his head out of the gate and give his puppy bark indicating he wants to play. A few weeks ago we walked by the pit's house and he was barking at us (typical). Yesterday, the pit and owner were walking by our house again and they did the typical meet and my pup stuck his head out trying to sniff him so I pulled him back in so he doesnt get bit. The pit did his typical growling and barking and my pup started to growl and bark at him but threw in some puppy wining. What got me thinking was what happened afterwards. The pit and owner came back around a few minutes later and my pup went crazy, with growling and barking hard and kept going at it until the pit reached the end of my property(the pit did the same). Might I add he also had his hair sticking up after this which I believe is a sign of fear (correct me if I am wrong). Today, a lady was walking on the other side of the street and saw him sitting in the front yard and decided to approach. He went crazy, barking and ran towards her as she approached the gate. She stood there trying to sweet talk him but he didnt give in. Again, he had his hair sticking up. In both cases I didnt want to intervein as to see how is reaction his naturally. He doesnt bark at everyone that walks by, I figured since this lady approached the property he decided she is too close. So, is this fear or aggression?

    P.S. I didnt know where else to put this so I put it here. I figured someone might be able to tell me if this is a good sign (if any), that would show some of his capabilites as a PPD.


    The the treat trainers always put down books like these. They like to hide behind there words.

    Yeah I guess they think that before dogs were domesticated the dominant wolf would give them deer meat to listen to him. Some times I feel like the dogs should be training the owners.

    It's probably the only protection dog book that even mentions GSP, has a pic of one too :)

    Nice, as long as I can get my pup to bark and show some aggression (if I am lucky want to bite) I would be happy. My only problem is he is very soft mouthed. After all he is a birddog so I don't know if he will be able to get him to bite harder. He is going to be my little experiment, hopefully I can find some professional help along the way.

    Thanks everyone, I was going to get the Koehler Method and read some reviews online and ofcourse, some were real negative. I figured these were the give a treat and your dog will love you forever type so I figured I would get some info from some expereinced folks. So I will be going with my original choice.


    Hello everybody,

    I am new to the forum and to protection dog training (more info about me under the intro thread). I have a non "typical" breed and would like to read a book or watch a video that will show me what to look for in a dog and to introduce me to some training methods I could start with my pup. I have a copy of Manstopper somewhere in the house just need to find it so I can read it. Any info will be much appreciated.

    Thanks Dan that is why I wanted to join, atleast now I know what not to do. As a gundog trainer I know that

    1) there is more than one way to train dogs
    2) A forum can only get you so far

    I just wanted to see if anyone has had any expereince with gundogs as protection dogs, and to get some info on books and vids to get and maybe hookup with others to do training with.

    Well a formal hello to all, I am new to protection dog training but have been training OB and hunting dogs for awhile. I would like to get some info from experienced trainers here while also trying to contribute as much as I can from my training background. My case is a little different, my dog is not a "typical" PPD (Brittany/German Shorthaird pointer) but I think he has what it takes. Has anyone had any expereince with a hunting dog as a PPD? I "wrestle" him and have taught him to bite my arm and have begun giving him the command to bark, only problem is he needs someone or something to catch his attention for him to atleast do a small growl or light bark. He is very young about 13 months but he is very smart. At first he would bite very light on my arm so I wouldn't need any protection, but now I have been encouraging him to bite alitte harder so I began wearing a canvas jacket I have. His bite is still light and by no means an agressive bite he is biting harder now. He also has a ton of prey drive, will play fetch till he drops. So this is where I am and the reason why I joined this forum. Hope to get some good feed back and be albe to contribute as much as I can.