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    I thought old threads like this were shut down, but it was brought to my attention that some people had asked about the dogs.

    Have to say that the dogs are great. Love their intelligence and guarding instinct. All I use them for is as Livestock Guardians.
    I have not had any of my dogs trained in protection work, but some others have. Their reports are of a mostly natural dog at the work, but sometimes hard headed. About what I expected.

    It is thought by most that their work as an estate guardian would come completely natural.

    As far as protection work, it is hard to work with their intelligence. As in an agitator that the dog knows can not get the dog to come after him. If it is someone he does not know, he will be viewed as the enemy for life.
    And with their jaw strength and size, few people will put the suit on.
    The thought of being hit by a 33-35", 180-220# dog does not sound like fun.

    Have a trainer that wants to work with them, and may in the future.

    I am interested to see where this thread goes. Thanks for the info.

    A Trainer on contract with a government agency is going to get one of my Boz to train for evaluation. She said they are looking for a tougher dog. A manstopper that can take a bullet to the Kevlar and keep coming. A dog that will not get neutralized as he is hanging onto the arm of one of the drug runners.

    But most importantly, they need a dog that can work in temps well above 100 degrees.

    Back to the subject, she is telling me that a dog is needed that can disable someone quickly, then move to the next. Because their dogs are getting stabbed or shot when hanging on the arm of the first bad guy encountered.

    My thinking is that a 120-180 pound dog hitting a man at 30mph would probably take out the first. Then strong, agile and quick enough to switch targets.

    The Boz have had bite pressures measured at 716-764psi. But I think the shaking would do as much damage or have a psychological effect.

    My 15 month old pup completely controled a 100 pound Wild Boar for 10 minutes, by biting the back of his neck. He would shake him every few seconds.

    I am not saying that the Boz will work, just interested in the perception of the potential.

    Thank you Dan and TonoA.

    I appretiate your patience with my lack of knowledge in this. I truly would like to find someone open to the breed, and understanding of the difference, that would like to work with them.

    Their intelligence with realizing real threats, reacting with measured responses, ability to read their owners comfort level, and ability to stop very large threats will hopefully find a place or function in the Protection Dog World. Also their calm, dedicated demeanor that makes them wonderful dogs around kids.

    I took Monster to a Festival with several thousand people packed in it. MANY kids ran up to hug and pet him, and crowds of adults surrounding him to pet him, all the while maintaining perfect composure and calmness. But at home, will put you back in your car, and PREVENT you from doing anything out of the ordinary. All with a measured response for the situation.

    To me they make great family Protection dogs naturally. And with some socialization or training, could be improved greatly.

    Thanks again

    TonoA,, send me a message, I would like to talk with you about your observations.

    I wish Dan lived closer to myself. I offered him a pup,,,, And the offer still stands!!!

    Truthfully I understand the Boz will probably not excell at the Bitesports, or be able to be trained to a level like the Herding types. But I thought they might be able to fill a special segment of the Protection Dog Work.

    I am just searching for different types of work for them to do. To allow future selection of work proven dogs. Allowing them to degrade in both health and temperament being bred as pets would be a disservice to the breed.

    Have some friends that use their Kangals to hunt Boar in VA and NJ. This is another area of work that will weed out the weak. Their same dogs also guard their homes, goats, chickens, and cows. Will go chase and catch 300# boar, and sleep with the baby goats.

    the other forum was So many negative statements, lacking any level of research or knowledge. And WHY??? A forum full of to many ignorant bullies. In bad need of some moderators to weed them out.

    Thanks everyone.

    I would like to ask a question of the group.

    Why is there so many people with Ugly Viewpoints and completely Baseless Comments on so many of the other forums?

    This Forum has by far been the most polite.

    Even though I came in to the Protection Forums to ask for help, I feel like RAW MEAT in a Wolf Pack! And much of it is obsurd statements lacking any research or forethought. Attacking every aspect of me and the dogs.

    Have to say, I am truely confused and disappointed with all but this forum. Just trying to understand the mentality, and to see if it might be something par for the sport.

    The maturity thing is something that confuses me. As they will start chasing off threats at 11 weeks. Act like a grown dog with any perceived threat, then revert back to a puppy and play. One man that I imported one for has Protection Worked with many breeds, and he is shocked at how early they exhibit the behavior.

    I truely do not want to mess them up. And do want to find out their full potential.

    I am getting many different directions of advice on them. From they are "Avoiding" scrap them, to they are way to young, to ,,,,, I am confused at this point.

    I would be willing to send you a free pup in the near future if you truely wanted to work with them. I do want to find out their potential,,, and as I am coming to realize, there is a thousand opinions out here.

    So I might be better off spreading out my "EGGS" into different baskets

    She looks like a LION on the AMBUSH to me.

    Basically with my lack of knowledge, I am at the mercy of what someone with more experience tells me. My objective was to have the dogs tested, to see if they had potential for this line of work. Many people are telling me that they are to young to be worked with like this.

    Just to clarify, he never struck the dog with the stick. More of a motion at the one point when the dog was wrestling for the sleve. She would carry it back to me as if it was a prize.

    Sadly Dan, I do not have a video camera, and the trainers was not working. Wasnt till I got home that I realized the $1,200 camera I have takes video,,,, just have to figure out how do do it.

    In a week or two, we are going to meet back up with two trainers to pressure them. And will have some video at that time.

    What is your impression for a first "testing" session. She was able to wrestle the sleeve from him on 3-4 occasions, once with him using the stick to get her to let go. Was lunging out after him so fast and hard, that she flipped when she hit the end of the cable.

    Hello Group,
    It has been a long HOT SUMMER in Texas, and a long wait until weather cooled enough to be able to get my Boz Shepherds tested. Although I felt they would have immediatley jumped into action, it seemed to puzzle them at first. Much socialization has been done to get them to accept crowds, and all types of people. This was their first testing, and the trainer was impressed. Two of the dogs were able to pull the sleeve from him several times.

    It is still unclear if they have what it will take to function in this type of work, but I am encouraged by their first showing.

    Below is a 18 month old female Geisha, and the other is a 1 year old male.

    Thanks for the reply and info. I have placed several Kangal breeders with friends. As I would rather they be able to live in a good home, as opposed to be kenneled. I maintain breedind access to them, and the dog gets to have a better life. Some are in Livestock Guardian homes, some as Family Protection.

    The shock to me is the ability of a Kangal to become such an effective and smart family guardian. A dog raised as a pup with livestock, that would love on any visitor to my property, becomes a whole different dog in a Family environment. The people report that the dogs will usually let only a few close people to get out of their car without the owners presence. But also a dog that is gentle, submissive and devoted to the children.

    They also are stunned by the dogs ability to read their comfort level. Sometimes to much, when the dog reads their being upset at In-Laws, and resist letting them in. And feel like they understand speach when they do something complicated when only asked halfheartedly.

    I hope they will also show this intuition when tested for Protection work.


    Interested, do your friends have the Kangals or the Boz?

    Are they being utilized for any security applications, or just as Livestock Guardians?

    Sorry for the questions, just trying to learn.


    I have researched the breeds for years, and have seen videos of them fighting all types of breeds of dogs. Although I do not condone dog fighting, I have to admire their physical abilities.
    Interesting is the vids of them fighting Bear, 600# Boar, and Tigers. Although I would have to say the Tigers were not giving it much effort. But a dog that will get thrown off by a swat of a Tiger, and come back to grab a mouth full of neck and shake like heck.

    I have some people lined out to test my males, and for puppy placement with trainers.
    Guess we will see how they do. If anything like my new female,,, whew! Hard temperament!

    After Delay, STRESS, and unforseen additional shipping expense (Custom Built Crate, because she would not Fit into the Largest manufactured Kennel. And additional Weight!!) The Newest and Oldest Boz Shepherd is getting to feel the Texas Heat!

    She is a Beautiful Dog that has a Presence not captured in Pictures. With her Mass, Bone structure, huge feet, power and personality, she will be a great addition to the Boz Genetics in the USA.

    Being not quite full grown at 18 months old, she is already 30.75 inches and around 145 pounds. Her and Monster will surely have impressive offspring!!

    This was a tense Boz Tail Sniff Off!!
    Sheba is in front, look at her structure!

    This is Monster and Sheba. Would pass as siblings!

    Sheba investigating her new DOMAIN!!
    Pulling my son around without much effort. Cant imagine her power when confronting a Wolf.

    Thanks Dan,

    Hopefully I will be able to find someone to test them. I have a few possibilities, but with the 100-107 degree days, I will wait untill the weater cools down some. They do just fine on 1-3 hour walks in the heat, but getting worked up may be tough on them.

    Thanks for the info on the book. I might like to read it just so I understand things better.

    Brian Peckinpaugh

    Dan E.
    I raise Kangals, but am strongly considering reducing them to focus on the Boz breed.

    On my website, the pictures with Monster, Angel, or Max are my pups. My males Monster and Max are 10 months old, and Angel my female is 9 months.
    I just imported a 8 week old female for myself, and a brother to her for a man in the Airforce that wants to Protection Train him.

    Other matings are being made in Turkey in the near future of some of the largest dogs (37-39inch) for bloodstock for me.

    I truely do not know what their potential is in this line of work. I feel the results may mirrow some of the Molosser breeds as explained in one of your threads.

    I do know that as a casual protector without training, they are great. Just need socialization to show them what is considered acceptable.

    Do you have any additional information in regards to the Molosser or guardian breeds?

    Thank You,

    Michael a.
    The average height is 33-36 inches, 140-190 pounds.

    The LGD part of them is the question in regards to Protection work. I have heard of them in this capacity, and with their size, would think they would have a visual deterent. But i do not know their capabilities or limitations.

    Would love to find someone that would be interested in testing them.

    They are a working breed, and I would like to find enough venues to keep them working. As pets ruin to many breeds.

    Thank You,

    I enjoyed reading this thread. I raise Boz Shepherds, and am investigating their potential in this line of work. I feel much of the results will be the same, as they are a molosser type working dog.
    But, we will see.
    Thank You,

    Hello Group,

    I was wanting to try and find out if anyone has had any experience with working Personal Protection with any of the LGD breeds, as opposed to the Herding type of dogs. From what little understanding I have with this, the Drives are different.

    The Boz Shepherd is my dog of interest as a breeder, and I am trying to find out what their capacity may be with this line of work. In Turkey, they are reported to be utilized for this, but as to what capacity or limitations I am unsure.

    As this is a newly introduced breed to the Western world, I have compiled as much information as I can on my website.

    Any experience, or anyone close to East Texas that would be interested in testing them would be appretiated.

    Thank You,