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    Yes he does, but not in fear. He enjoys confrontation but too young to really have any fight drive, but if I had to describe it I would label it a fight drive.

    I know some people label defense as similar to a fear based drive but that is not what my dog displays, in my eyes anyways. Someone else's eyes might see differently.

    I have a bulldogge that tracks amazingly well, he also has a natural retrieve, we are working on the send out now (training in schutzhund), he's a little under a year and is essentially a renascence bulldog. He has been doing the blind retrieve for quite some time now with very little effort on my part to teach him.

    I don't really see how a blind retrieve over a jump is that impressive?

    its an obedience behavior that is easily taught to most breeds, natural retrieve or not its easy to teach if the dog doesn't pick it up on its own.

    Scent work I can see, some dogs just can't do it. But mine can. I wish I had some videos to show you. Not all intelligent breeds can track well either, we had some mals in our SchH club switch to FR simply because all of their dogs were too hectic on the track and couldn't compete, not saying all mals can't track but the same goes for bulldogges, its the individual dogs temperament mixed with the training styles and abilities of the handler.

    We don't see many bulldogges in sport or PPW, but if there were more people out there doing it you would hear more about these dogs I guarantee it.

    How is training going with your standard?
    One of our helpers breeds giants and tried a standard but he didn't have the drive for it, cute dog though.


    I have a bulldogge that I am training right now, I am very new to this kind of stuff but hopefully I can lean from the forum.

    I cant figure out how to PM lol

    I am also looking for a decoy in the South Western Ontario area, I have a young dog (10 months) he has shown lots of promise and we have been with a SchH club since he was 3 months but I just want to change directions with him and would prefer to continue with an experience helper and some more PP type of work. Looking to train for a few hours maybe twice a month or so...

    hes a bulldogge
    If anyone is interested let me know