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    Look at it this way, zab judah got lots of big pay fights that he didn't deserve because he was flashy. GGG is proving to be one of the greatest fighters ever IMO and nobody has heard of him much outside the fans and he hardly gets fights. He is so tight and technical he looks boring to non-fans.

    Boys go watch a GGG clip and observe boxing perfection for all the eras. He is in our time and is the shit.

    I think the answer is simple, people mostly put videos up to impress the general public. The running bite stuff looks more exciting to the general public.

    Its like watching two technical grapplers, the general public find it boring and want to see strikers.

    Biting someone off leash at 100m will never stand up in court as PP, its apprehension or offense. The public have no legal right for offensive action.


    Impressed with the socialisation in public, great breed ambassador. good decoys, good obed, nice dog, good nerves, good humane training.

    The PPD stuff was pretty generic but still neat.

    When did this tai-chi hands stuff become a thing and what does it supposed mean?

    i hate sped up footage so stopped watching.

    Looking at dogs work is not always great if the buyer does not have enough experience to know what they are looking at.

    A whole lot of spit, fire, fur, fury and flashing of teeth does not a family PPD necessarily make.

    Good advice Dan, it's amazing how well dogs can be trained just by doing some basic steps. It is also too easy to overestimate how trainable they are.

    Dogs do like routines, fairness, clarity and systematic progression.

    I don't like the idea of the entire family working the dog at all. I want my dog to ignore everyone friendly and everyone friendly to ignore my dog.

    I had a female friend trying to coochy coo my dog, I kicked her ass out.

    Hunting pigs is legal. We used to have a big export market to euro, they prefer wild boar. Owning a dogo is illegal.

    Our dogs are the same concept as a dogo - running catch dog. Distinct from US hounds and walk in catch dog.

    Most proven lines here are based on greyhound X bull terrier X pointer.

    Our dogs are expected to find, run down and hold. Most guys here want to finish the hunt within a km of the find. The shorter the better. Americans seem to want to chase something for miles.

    BTW, a pig dog should be proofed off everything except pigs, poorly trained dog. Handler is an idiot.

    timed out before it finished so could not see the whole thing. does demonstrate some primal dominance traits usually only seen in science documentaries on wild wolves.

    it also shows that dominance does not equal aggression - most animals use dominance instead of aggression hence bull breeds being high on aggression but low on dominance.

    like most of the guardian breeds I see they lack aggression but have a lot of dominance which for my tastes I give them a swerve for man-work. the herders ie german dogs have a better balance of dominance and aggression with my personal tastes for a practical working animal low dominance and high aggression.

    I do not see much practical value on man work for high dominance.

    I dunno I would not tolerate any inter-pack fighting especially he says his other young male in the background (off camera) flogged his female because he got excited - that means the dogs do not respect him (owner) as the pack leader.

    as far as dog on dog aggression i do not value it in the slightest as far as breeding potential, just a PITA within the pack. one on one is not part of a dogs evolution.

    the most obvious example of dogs that would not survive in nature are the game bred dogs.

    I must have very poorly socialised dogs because a strange dog on my property the video would have been completed in less than 2 minutes with a bloody and horrific mess - no single dog can overcome a pack of lesser dogs that kill (as a pack) prey animals for a living.

    strength in the pack always.

    They need to bite and release quickly, it's a specialty. Quiet the opposite of nearly all bite work training in ppd and sport.

    Dog works an arc on the longer leash - bite release, work the arc. If people get between dog and handler its over.

    Fear biters can be very effective at it.

    From the guy who owns the dogs...its always a liberal media conspiracy lol. The fat chick has put the dog she tried to use as a canine battering ram up for sale.

    If you weren't there to witness it first hand and know the shitty cards we were dealt 6 hours before a riot of non peaceful protesters started on private property that was sold by a tribal member years ago and our equipment not arrive on time then you have no room to talk or judge us. And no IPO experience lol ya because no one at a riot wears a sleeve so that's really relevant. End of the day thanks for the free advertising everyone. God Bless and enjoy your days rambling about something you know nothing about. Liberal media gotta love it! Were not hear to answer questions unless your a news reporter than call us this is just my 2 cents of this BS. And handlers abusing dogs when protesters were attacking the dogs i didn't see a handler beat their dog.

    Ricardo Bullard was not there.

    Make sure you all fill your cars up with water before driving tomorrow you'll get real far."

    Lacking from both handler's and dogs is any semblance of discipline or training. This is bottom of the barrel stuff.

    Indian guy had a pit, if they all get one.....

    Looks like cheap thug wannabes to me. Will make it that much harder for the rest of us.