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    Was Mick for real or do you think he was pulling our chain from the beginning,could he really be that ignorant,must be a bundle of laughs living near him !

    There are no issues with commenting on peoples videos,critical or otherwise as long as you call it as you see it,they have the right to respond and point out you might be wrong and sometimes the most augumentative threads are the one's we learn the most from(except Mick who learns bugger all! )

    Hi Dogo,is that Beagle a straight cross or do they breed true to type,looks a bit like some of the small Swiss hounds,very nice little hound and Dogo

    Hi Mick,teaching a dog manners won't break it's spirit,it seems to me that this dog is an accident waiting to happen,it might pay you to start listening to some of the sensible advice you can get on PDF,most people on here seem genuine and want to help

    Hi Brody,just playing devils advocate there,i agree with you that bully types are not ideal
    as ppd's ,after all they've been bred for dog aggression rather than man work,Presa's seem to be becoming popular in the UK for security work,but it would have to be a very
    good dog and handler team before I employed them,if only because that type of dog looks unprofessional and rightly or wrongly projects a thuggish image

    Brody,how about a 50lb Pit or EBT,i'm not suggesting every Pit is a manstopper but you wouldn't be taking a bite from one without kit on,you're right about Labs though,Liverpool and London police used them as patrol dogs even before the Airedale, back in the mists of time when they first started dog sections

    Interesting to see such a mix of breeds,no breed snobbery ,it seems any breed gets a fair chance.It must be nice for a newcomer to watch and see what dog might suit
    their needs

    Sorry Peter,only just realised you posted to welcome me many months ago,it was English Foxhounds as well as a few days out with Beagles,Staghounds,and Otterhounds,i also used to do a fair bit of earthwork with terriers,mainly Jack Russells and Borders

    Just seen these clips,an accident waiting to happen,don't know about the USA but here in the UK it seems as if idiots like this always seem to manage to get work/sell dogs for good money,maybe because they have no shame and are not embarrassed by videos like that

    Hi all,my name is matt,iv'e been around dogs all my life,mainly through hunting and my family boarding kennels,iv'e only got into protection and detection dogs fairly recently so i'll be on here soaking it up like a sponge!