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    It's preferable to find a place out of the way, especially in Belgium.
    Schutz people (at least a large %) say that one day people like myself will be the reason that bitework will one day be forbidden, can you imagine. Therefore I asked my wife to film a little obedience to shut some people's mouth and prove that my dogs obedience is very decent and that they cannot only bite...
    In Holland (where I train most of the time) people are far more tolerant and love this kind of training. When we were training Police arrived and loved every bit of it!


    Oh crud, you have that sort of mentality over there too! Oh the horror (mean dogs loose on the streets) :rolleyes1:

    Hey Dan, Baden has that "look" 24/7 I'm thinking of using a cattle prod to solve the problem. Then I got little baby brother here (8weeks) humping his stuffed toy. :nono:

    Oh yikes, those 100lb beasts are frowned upon by most AB people that "I" know, butthe peopel I know work their dogs and compete in Sch or PSA. They prefer the smaller more agile dogs and I have seen some tiny hog dogs. Greg W's pic shows what I am used to seeing on the field. The bulldogs are split off like the GSD with 2 main groups the Johnson and the Performance lines. The Johnson's being the larger dogs with the shorter muzzles. I'll try to wrestle up some AB video I have on my PC.

    My thoughts are they are crazy! AB's do not tolerate heat well and will up and die from heat related issues even kenneled and not working. The club I train with used to be mainly AB folks as the Trainig Director and his wife breed AB's. They reamain lovers of the breed are judges and decoys in the AB world and respected owners, handlers, breeders yet they still have Dutchies, Mals and GSD and are alwasy saying how easier in every aspect the herding breeds are.

    The AB's can't do as along a session as the rest of the breeds in the club and some have that pallet issue and sound like a train chugging by when they are hot and tired. It gets pretty hot here in CA too and I haven't had any problems with my dogs, that a little squirt from the hose can't fix.

    If the vet said yeast infection, it's probably a yeast infection and the dog is itchy, now you have a bald spot from her biting herself silly. Why are you asking when the vet already told you? Did they do a scrape? She ever had it before? Age of dog, changed foods or bedding lately?

    Michelle, were they kennel dogs that were brought into the house briefly? Every dog that hasn't been brought up in a house will be unruly until taught good manners. What was the obedience on them like?

    Yes but my GSD's are kennel dogs too. His dogs were just off the chain wacked. Their OB was nice but very short. As soon as the dog was free'd up, you didn't want to be around.

    Pure fucking hell! That is my no hype answer. Never stop moving in the kennel, never shut up, hard to put or keep weight on and like an ADHD child out of the kennel. My ex used to let his dog in the house just to cause fights I think. First thing she did was run a lap on the couch (with muddy feet of course), then find a nice clean wall to shake all over. Nothing either of his Mals did impressed me except how fast they matured and could train in bitework but as fast as they were and matured the final products could not compare to a good stable GSD.

    I like the E because I can be kinda heavy handed with physical corrections. That isn't a problem with my current dog as he can take it but I'm finding my body can't. I can get the same if not better work out of my dog, with the E and not get myself all worked up cranking on my dog. Its's milder and always smooth, the collar doesn't get frustrated and give a harder zap Where I would get pissed at having to correct yet again for the same thing and crank him harder. I don't get pissy with the collar and turn it up. I guess when I actually have to get "physical" it riles me and I start pushing harder and harder, where I don't with the e-collar.

    He has had this same toy since he was very small. The moose used to be bigger than he was and it was the only thing he would consistantly carry around and play with. He's has grabbed a few things here and there. Mostly my daycare kids toys so I close the bedrooms when he comes inside and that takes care of that. The moose was something I always gave him as soon as he came inside.

    We used to work his grips, prey, some environmental stuff inside but we always take the rag/tug away when we are done working a pup. He would get his toy backa dn could do what he wanted with it. The moose s the only toy BAden has not destroyed to the point I have to throw it away.

    Imported bitch 4.5 yrs. Baden 9 weeks. But I have rescued dogs of various ages and never had one take almost a year to relax. There was just something wrong with her...and she died at age 6 14 months after I bought her and 4 months after finally acting like a real dog, eating and being in the best shape and mental state I had ever witnessed. I had to put her down do to renal failure.

    Anywhere from day one to a week. Anymore than that and they are stressing too much or not recovering well. I have only had one dog that took months to act "normal". She wa sa showline GSD adn I have no idea what kind of trama she was delt in Germany or on her flight to the USA. Regardless, she arrived in one piece and no ammount of excusses could make me feel good about her attitude towards us, her lack of energy, not wanting to eat, just being a Zombie (literally months).

    Baden's crate was at one point upside down on his flight to me. I know because there was newspaper and dog shit, stuck on the ceiling of his crate. He popped right out of his crate as if I was him momma all along and never looked back, never missed a meal or seemed weird out about his new surroundings.

    Most of my dogs seem just fine and lay down to relax after I get them home, feed them, show them their water dish and their new digs.

    I ended up watching several of these videos and staying up late. It was said they use the female birds to hunt, as they are larger and more aggressive and at 10yrs they get broody and want to lay eggs. This is why they set them free. I'm sure the birds would hunt livestock regardless, if left wild or tamed. The hunters respect the birds and in thanks for the birds help keeping them fed and clothed with pelts, during the long cold winters when food is scarce, they set them free. I'm sure these birds contribute to new fledglings for the hunters to capture and train. Kinda keeping the cycle going.

    My dog would get up in the window and watch him like a hawk. More than likely not a peep out of him, just very focused and intent, tongue in, almost not breathing, waiting for me to say something. He's the kind of dog that watches me until he can't see me (enter store) and will keep looking at that spot until I return if it's within a reasonable amount of time. 20-30 mins. Longer than that, he is usually laying down if all is quiet.