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    My comments are purely in response to your posts. On your own violition, you have voluntereed paragraphs on this thread to promote your "sport". I want to see some evidence to back up your glowing accounts. The videos (the 6 or so on youtube) don't really excite me to be frank.

    In any legitimate trial, you will see dozens of people who are passionate and proud of what they have achieved with video cameras. Not a single video of at least one complete K9PS trial, unbelievable.

    TammyV, From the Heart Dog Training in Salinas Ca. has been doing a few K9PS events on the west coast. If you PM me I will be glad to give you her ph#.

    Zeb and DanE, sorry but I have no idea about videos! There are a few that people have posted on the KPS message board, that they liked or that were great "bloopers" but nothing that is a complete test or scenario, sorry.

    I have never done much promoting of K9PS, it exists only because people who are interested in Protection training, keep calling and asking how to do the trials. We don't do internet promos of videos, in fact I just don't do any kind of promos, we are pretty much a word of mouth group. But anyone interested in a street worthy protection dog usually finds us, so we keep helping people learn, after all that is what we really do in K9PS, bring civilians the street experience that can't be found in the civilian dog training world. So that said, here is my promo for 2010, we are now booking trials and tactical seminars for future K9 Martial Arists, if you want to attend or hold your own PM me.

    You say you have international participation. You say it is one of the original protection sports. Yet no videos. Very strange, very suspicious. There are dozens of videos of virtually any sport on the internet, why not K9 Pro sports?

    Wow, I am very impressed.

    I find distance signals very hard to teach and your dog does them well.

    A lot of half-baked PPD trainers only know how to do one thing - agitate a dog, badly at that, without any real knowledge or ability to do any proper training. You are deifnitely NOT one of them.

    looks like he is from the states, as far as i know french and mondio is more popular there but not so much belgian. i enjoy seeing the spectacularly fast dogs in mondio/french with lightning attacks, not to mention the fancy footwork of the decoys. i look forward to seeing some videos PLEASE! Are there many molossers competing in ring there? if you have videos i'd be ever so grateful because i love to see a good molosser work.

    my personal favourite is nvbk because i understand the sport selects for dogs with rock solid temperaments, great environmental soundness, are great athletes, lovely biting dogs..some say the total package. KNPV dogs are just big, scary lumps! hah hah

    this is schutzhund training.

    hitting the dog is a traditional method of cleaning up a dog that is "dirty" in the blind. my guess is this is a young dog who has not much training and does not have "respect for the helper" ie. not been beaten up a whole lot before.

    personally there are much better ways these days of keeping a dog clean in the blind and i belong to the camp that does not believe in the helper correcting the dog, not like that anyway.

    Saying that a pup brought on at an early age will be locked in prey is total rubbish, it just reflects poorly on the trainer.

    It is like saying a young man destined for the marines should never learn to play football or gymnastics whilst a boy because he will get "locked in play" and the first time he shows "aggression" must be for "real". What a total screwed up way of looking at dog training.

    Assuming a dog has got what it takes to do real life protection, the only reason a puppy started early will get locked in prey is it has a lousy trainer, who knows jack all and who cannot read a dog. IMO the more technique and confidence a pup acquires early on in life will stand him in a better state than a dog who starts protection later on in life.

    public perception mainly, but also bite power

    i think the video shows a dog performing very well using prey and fight. would be interesting to see it handles working under more stress, unfamiliar environment and helper.

    It is exactly that; a make or break exercise. A dog that shows weakness at this point is done in KNVP. They get dogs with the expectation of successful certification. They do not get dogs just to trial. That too is a significant difference between many U. S. Sports. Some do get dogs just to trial and be part of the gang. From my understanding that is pretty much unheard of in KNVP. They (KNVP participants) take their sport a lot more serious.


    yes knpv is a tough sport and the dogs are who are bred for it are tough cookies van leewen, kamphuis, luijken etc but not always. some are big dogs too, 45kg malis and dutchies. one of my favourite was tommy luijken.

    question is, how many handlers on your force would be able to handle a dog like them? :)

    out of interest do you have any on your force, my question is how much retraining do you do to comply to force standards, do you try and alter the rear guard i gather this is impossible, how is their tracking i hear some of them don't do so well that way

    johan - yes no turning as we know it in schutzhund but each helper judges the dog's power coming into him, if he thinks the dog is going to hit hard, there is "give" in the catch, in the video the dog hesitated and the helper overestimated the impact IMO. only way to know is to ask the helper

    as other have said try redirection to rag

    but some pups prefer to bite you no matter how hard you try, i never do bite inhibiton as i find it mesess up protection work later

    i just put the pup away when i've had enough, if you persist with rag they grow out of biting you, eventually

    if you don't mind me asking who is your breeder and who are the parents? i ask because a friend of mine is thinking of using a czech dog to his bitch

    good luck

    very interesting

    whats the breeding of the akita - redwitch?

    very few czech gsds in the country, nice animals, good luck with the pup

    Had a look at the video again, the dog might have been going for the bicep bite instead of the shoulder, cannot be absolutely sure, nevertheless, helper turned too early.

    I can cope with people asking question but not being disrespectful about trainers, their dogs and their craft.

    Again - why not just post the video and jusy say "What do you think happened here" instead of being all judgemental about the helper? In real life, if you were in a training club with your attitude, you would have been shown the exit door long ago. Big mouth newbies are a dime a dozen.

    you ´ll be surprised how many dogs I have decoyed, the angle of the sleeve was not right, a good decoy should anticipate that, is not all 100% dog work, in order to highlight the dog performance you should be aware of that.

    Have you ever catched a baseball ball with a glove? Same thing look at 13,
    the decoy is a wall the dog is confronted with,
    the arm is too low, the man is too still.
    Devil´s advocat´s not a good thing. Schlecht helfer is what he is.

    WTF? You obviously have zero helper experience. The dog was not going for the arm, he was going for a shoulder bite.

    Helpers spend years honing their craft, low paid or no pay, out in the bad weather, spending their time, petrol money etc. dedicating thousands of hours for the benefit of handler and their dogs.

    To have idiots like you giving stupid comments on a forum about their performance is just plain disrespectful. Not to mention you have the gall to call dogs "curs" just takes the cake. You better learn some respect my friend. Could n't you have just posted the video and gone "why did that happen?". Instead you have to put ona whole cock and bull story about your "experience". By the way, in the video, the dog hesitated and the helper did not compensate and turned too early..... I have no bloody patience to explain to you why turning means, but i'd expect an "expert" like you would probably know all about it anyway.

    Dan, as a moderator, I understand if you need to ban me. But to be in the presence of a complete arse like this is plain insulting to dog trainers and their dogs. If it makes it any easier, by all means ban me. I'm just about done with shitters like Tono.